Imbued with a questioning of the thresholds in our surrounding space, my work explores abstraction and its relationship to materiality and the human senses. My practice applies photography as an interrogation of the tensions in distance, tactility, and the forms of matter as visual and tangible injunctions in perception.  The focus of my research incorporates sound, light, heat, the body, and space as technical tools to engage the interpretation of perception as a subject in a way that reflects force, the organic, and the cosmic.  Inspired by the abstract images of artists such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, James Welling, and Alfred Stieglitz, my photographs similarly use the lens as a means of isolation, conceptualizing process and referencing gesture and temporality. My work explores the limited spectrums available to the senses, either through reduction, addition or isolation. This exploration not only drives my research as an artist, navigating an interpretive medium, but also my experience of humanity, researching notions of truth and awareness.